Zel Custom / Tactilite News

Closed Operations

We regret to announce that Zel Custom has closed.  Persistent manufacturing delays, and family problems, made continuing impossible.

We'd like to thank our customers, vendors, friends and boosters, for 8 great years.

McCutchen Firearms Takes the Baton

One of our key vendors has picked up the baton, building high-quality .50 BMG upper assemblies for AR-15s.

They've taken our blueprints, re-engineered them, and added an innovative safety feature that customers have long wanted.

Over our years of working with McCutchen, Zel Custom had only positive experiences.  I encourage everyone to check out their site (www.mccutchenfirearms.com).

Zel Custom Parts

For people seeking replacement parts for their Zel Custom uppers, many of McCutchen Firearms' parts will fit Zel Custom uppers.

The McCutchen Firearms, MAPS bolt assembly with firing pin block safety, will work as a drop-in replacement.

McCutchen Firearms can be found at www.mccutchenfirearm.com.